UA Medical Solution Intern. Corp. is not just a medical technology Corporation. We care not only about business, but also about ideas, which bring the good for mankind. Medicine is one of the most noble art since the beginning of time, we care to make the practical medicine smarter and easier to get the greatest outcome.

In this Field we are leaders, understanding the relation between doctors and patients, making it better, providing doctors and medical staff with the right equipment which would build up more trust, more physical and emotional relaxation.


"Our products care not only about making life better, but also saving lives."


PHLEBOLYSER® will bring you closer to your safe zone, it will make you feel more confident about how you look. With NO scars, NO bleeding, NO anaesthesia needed, NO smoke, NO Skin burns, eliminating skin lesions and disorders could not be easier.


Using SONON for emergencies, when each minute counts, increases chances of staying alive. Tension pneumothorax for example is deadly if not treated as soon as diagnosed. Using the SONON will allow medics, even not experienced ones, to determine it faster and to act faster.


Caring about feelings of patients made us love INCHY PINCHY, for safe and practical blood withdrawal, from children without crying, for more efficient clinic time. Since Collagen is the main structural protein in connective tissues (organs, skin, skeleton and joint), we provide the best fish collagen ever, for healthy cells regeneration. We believe that stable business is based on building strong trust between partners. This trust will grow bigger and stronger with honesty and good morals.

Quality from Germany:
World’s debut – innovative microsurgery. No Scars. Laser or (Cautery) free. Without Anesthesia.

Main applications avaliable. Carry it everywhere , it's wireless. SONON can safely and securely share images to others and between hospitals for more assistance.

Single Use Butterfly Disguise:

Easy to use. No more fear of injection.



UA Medical Solution Intern. Corp. is an exclusive trading agency for the wholesale and retail trade in medical technology and innovative ideas with PATENT CERTIFICATES.


The Phlebolyser®: CE, TGA, soon the FDA

100% made in Germany. It is true meaning of treating skin disorders in the Patient-friendliest way ever, which means: NO scars, NO bleeding, No anaesthesia needed, No smoke, No Skin burns, Not a LASER or Cautery machine. It removes even the lesions from the area around the eyes (the LASER is too dangerous, might burn the Retina), or from the genitals (LASER or cautery could be so painful). Going through the direct sun, swimming or wearing a full make up are advantages after only 24 hours (dangerous after LASER treatment).


Fully functioning ultrasound device using only a probe which connects to your mobile, tablet, etc. ..., wirelessly.


Very unique idea, the best solution for Trypanophobia (phobia from the needle injection).