The Phlebolyser® is a unique microsurgical method which is used for smooth and effective removal of skin disorders without any side effects. Through natural aging processes, hereditary predisposition and external influences, there might be changes to your skin such as warts, couperose or age spots. These skin problems are not only medical problems, they are considered more as aesthetic problems, which have negative psychological effects on people and thus affects their quality of life.

The Phlebolyser® is a top level apparatus, it uses the electrical current energy to transform it to high frequency radio waves which effectively denature the vessel cells of the lesions, without causing any side effects such as scars or inflammations. These radio waves are transmitted through the golden probe, which is applied directly into the vessels, inside the cell structure. These cells will be destroyed leaving the other normal cells intact.


Currently the FDA Certificate procedure is running. So we are looking forward to come out with the PHLEBOLYSER asap!





The Phlebolyser is developed and manufactured solely in Germany. This device, the STS, meets the medical device standard 93/42 / EEC of Germany and Europe and it has been approved as a medical device of class IIa.




It requires a certificate of approval and a special course in which you will be trained in using the Phlebolyser. The training is provided by us. The course is specialized on this technique and accompanies the delivery of the phlebolyser to your medical center. It is compulsory according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG). After completing the training, your medical staff can also start practicing the treatment on patients.




The Phlebolyser can be easily transported. The treatment room should be provided with a cozy couch, for the relaxation during the treatment. The success of the treatment is independent from the skin pigmentation.



A suction electrode is connected to the patient to close the electrical circle. By using the applicator, 24 karat gold-plated probe, the vessel, wart, hair or fibroma will be destroyed, thanks to the high-frequency source (Phlebolyser®), leaving near area untouched Because of the different intensity levels which the Phlebolyser has, you can use the most suitable concentration for each case. After the treatment, the patient should avoid the direct sun for only 48 hours!




The application of the Phlebolyser® requires a license to practice medicine or medical services as well as the completion of a special training course. The training is provided by us in your office with the delivery of the Phlebolyser®. It is obligatory according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG). After successful training, your medical staff too can start practicing and treating patients.



Phlebolysis is an electrophysical therapeutic method in which heat is generated in the body tissues by high-frequency electricity. During the phlebolysis, heat will be produced under the skin surface. The very high-frequency electromagnetic waves transmit the needed energy between two electrodes.


Increasing the internal energy leads to the physical process of heat generating. The charges, carriers of the molecules, are following the high-frequency field with a certain delay, resulting the increase of the internal energy in the material and thus its temperature. The effect of this type of heating can be seen in the imaginary part of the complex permittivity of a skin at a given frequency. When the frequency is increased, the skin works as a barrier, by reducing the penetration of the electromagnetic field, it prevents heating the deeper or inner layers.